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May 22 2018


Honestly why do writers think they can still get away with the outdated, overdone “GASP, THEY’RE A GIRL?!?!!?!” plot twist/reveal any more when the bar’s already been set so high with






Twilight may be trash but at least they cast actual native americans to play natives

you know you’ve fucked up when Twilight does something better than you

Okay story time

So I went to college at Western Washington University, which is super close to the Lummi reservation.

I went to see New Moon in theaters with a couple of friends (we love hatewatching stuff, and had a few drinks before going to the theater). We were super confused when we sat down, because for some reason about half the theater was full of 12-year-old boys. The movie starts, it’s just as terrible as we expect, and then about halfway through the movie theatre erupts into cries of THERE HE IS!!! THERE HE IS!!!

Turns out the boys had come to see their Lummi buddy who had been cast as one of the werewolves in the movie. It was absolutely adorable, and my friends and I instantly felt super irresponsible for having come to a movie to trash the film a kid’s friends went to to support.

Hey guys FYI the Quileute tribe (the one depicted in Twilight) is currently fundraising because they have to move their entire town of La Push to higher ground to avoid everything being destroyed by climate change related rising oceans. Maybe give them some money okay.




i just came upon some very good information

6969 cool st is a real place, and its located in weedsport



Me, on Earth:



You run a tattoo parlor. Every couple of weeks, the same customer comes in, always requesting the same tattoo: an additional tally mark on an ever-growing cluster of tally marks.

“what are you counting”

“how many tattoos i’ve gotten”

“i’m no longer serving you”

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love is REAL



Man every other op on my dash is deactivated these days like what the hell happened.

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Eris is one of my all time favourite animated characters. It’s been 13 years since I first saw this film and I am still utterly transfixed by the way they animated her. She is absolute heaven.

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

The creators described her as milk in coffee

Gay girls described her as first crush

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some of my favorite parts and titles from the How To Train Your Dragon book series


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When the time of men came, five tribes settled on it and called it Wakanda. The tribes lived in constant war with each other, until a warrior shaman received a vision from the panther goddess Bast, who led him to the Heart-Shaped Herb, a plant that granted him superhuman strength, speed and instincts. The warrior became king and the first Black Panther, the protector of Wakanda. Four tribes agreed to live under the king’s rule, but the Jabari tribe isolated themselves in the mountains.

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Fran Drescher as Fran Fine in “The Nanny” which won a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Costuming for a Series in 1995

My question is did she dress herself or did a costume designer choose all her outfits? ?

Fran and the costume designer worked together to put the outfits together. In the earlier seasons some of the outfits came from Fran’s or the costume designer’s own closet.

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i didn’t do hourlies but here’s something that happened to me yesterday

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Avengers Stunt Doubles






one of the weirdest ways that language is evolving in response to the internet is that “bad words” just. do not have the same impact anymore. i constantly forget that some people think ‘fuck you’ is a terrible insult

so threats and insults have to start getting really out there if the person wants to even mean anything. if a person told me to die i’d shrug it off but if i opened a post’s tags and saw “op i will sneak into your house and replace all your shoelaces with cooked pasta” do you know how shaken i’d be? do you know how upset i’d be if i saw “op is the personification of the look you share w other people in the grocery store when some dude is causing A Scene™ for no reason”

So you are saying English curses on the Internet are becoming more like Yiddish curses?

I sincerely hope so but I can’t say I’m familiar with yiddish curses and i am begging you to tell me a few

My Personal favorite is:

“May all your teeth fall out, except for one, to give you a toothache.”

Yiddish curses are hilarious

I’m fond of “May they measure the fields with your intestines.” 



when you’re a gay lion and you accidentally tried to introduce your lesbian lioness friend to one of her own exes at a gay bar and she goes into the bathroom and bitches you out for not being able to tell her endlessly rotating cast of girlfriends apart which isn’t really fair because first of all they all keep dyeing their hair different colors and second of all she keeps getting back together with different ones at different times and meanwhile you’ve been “single” for like 8 months but are spending a lot of time with one specific guy who works at your old co-op and were going to excitedly tell her about it tonight but now you’ve ruined the whole subject of dating by trying to introduce her to her own ex at a gay bar (which is a watering hole. because you’re lions.) 

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