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July 01 2017

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“Here’s a interesting fact for you. Dr. Doppler’s metal space suit, while [it] could’ve easily been done in CG, was in fact all hand drawn!”

Treasure Planet animator Thomas Estrada on Dr. Delbert Doppler

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agumon, how???

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ya lit meme: [9/9] quotes

“you’ll stay with me?”

“until the very end,” said james.

“they won’t be able to see you?” asked harry.

“we are part of you,” said sirius. “invisible to anyone else.”

harry looked at his mother.

“stay close to me,” he said quietly. 



what yall think the majority of 90s anime girls looked like

what the majority actually looked like

never forget how horrifying Moe was in the 90s:

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Why isn’t the photo attached?

this is it lmao

ryan reynolds is the most relatable man in hollywood

this music is too loud

i wish i was at home wearing my deadpool costume

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Disney beach ladies.

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I’m so excited to be here! We’re watching people play video games for a grand prize!

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There you go, have a quickly lined and colored harem Sexba/ng.
( pretty please don’t tag as Av/id/an )


I can’t hear you I’m eating chips



Do ppl giggle during sex??

If you can’t laugh during sex you’re having sex with the wrong person.

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grumpy boys


I be checking my phone like I mean something to somebody lmao


💥SMASH 💥 that MF like👍 if you constantly 😩 feel like a burden 🙊 just for existing 🙅🙅 and wish u were dead!!!👏👏

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I just really love the Game Grumps okay…

June 30 2017

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Woody’s roundup is keeping my dash way safer than Tumblr’s new filters ever could

Okay what is this woody’s roundup thing I’m so confused

You know how sometimes you’d see an argument on your dash, and one person was being an ass, and it got a lot of notes, and the ass’s account deactivated? Someone (likely a group of people) snagged a fuckton of those deactivated urls and turned them into this weird, hivemind-like rp of woody from toy story. So now, on those old argument posts, if you click on the source of a blog saying “racism is good actually”, it’s got an icon of woody and the title is “Howdy Pardner”

 They also “got memeufacturing” yesterday, which increased the attention given to them. Memeufacturing was a popular shitpost blog that deactivated when people claimed the person running it was sexually harassing people (and doing some other icky stuff, I forget the details, it was like a year ago), so now if anyone clicks on the source of an old memeufacturing shitpost, it’s one of these strange woody rp blogs. 

People have also been calling it the Woody Takeover and the Woody Collective, but whoever is running these blogs seems to prefer to call themsel(f/ves) “woody’s roundup”. 


if anyone draws me anything ever

  • im going to stare at it
  • im going to grin like an idiot
  • i dont care if you think its bad or not
  • i love it
  • i love you
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